Apple’s OSX 10.9 ‘Maverick’ along with iOS 7 will be available to the public in the coming months, but if you’re a developer you probably already got your hands on the preview versions.


Following in tune with developer preview traditions, Apple has released yet another preview version of its Maverick upgrade.  Preview 8 comes with minor updates over the previous version, with the main focus in the latest preview being stabilization of iCloud Keychain.  Minor tweaks and changes are perhaps signals that the finalized version is just over the horizon, and most Apple-fanatics are likely in agony right now as they await whatever new features that will come with Maverick.

Developers that have access to the previews can now download the update using the OS’s ‘Software Update’ option.

As for the rest of us, rumor has it that the latest OSX version will drop in October.

Source: appleinsider