Microsoft Outlook 2013 RT

Say hello to the first screenshots of Outlook RT, coming just a day after the software giants confirmed that Outlook will be coming to RT devices with the Windows 8.1 update.

This week, Microsoft announced the impending arrival of their popular Outlook app to RT powered devices. While the preview version of the upcoming Windows 8.1 Blue will be released to the public on June 26th at Microsoft’s annual BUILD conference, Outlook 2013 RT will ship with the full version due to be released later this year.

Microsoft fan Paul Thurrott has published two screenshots of the Outlook 2013 RT app, much to our benefit. The app isn’t a departure from the already existing Outlook 2013. The report mentions that Paul found the following apps in the Outlook 2013 RT installer which he got:

  • Publisher
  • Access
  • InfoPath
  • SkyDrive Pro

As you can see, all of these apps are a part of the Office RT suite (further confirming the fact that Microsoft is making Office free for lower cost tablets, namely RT).

Source: WinSuperSite