Still thinking about getting the OUYA console? This partnership might make your decision a little bit easier. OUYA and MakerBot are offering plans that will allow users to have their own console designs printed.

The OUYA Android gaming console has been a highly anticipated console that will hit retail later this year. If you were looking at getting one of them, you may be interested in their recent partnership with MakerBot. For those who don't know, MakerBot Industries is a New York-based company founded in 2009 that produces 3D printers.

With the partnership of these two companies, OUYA will now be offering plans that will allow users to print their own console cases. This offer is available from the website and is called the “OUYA MakerBot 3D Printing Development Kit”.

What does the 'kit' give you exactly? It will give you the 3D template and specs that can be used to print your own OUYA console case with custom colors and patterns.

The plans from the “OUYA MakerBot 3D Printing Development Kit” have been optimized for the MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D printer. There will also be options available for those who have experience in 3D printing.


For those who backed the OUYA on Kickstarter, the console is just about ready to begin shipping which was previously announced as March 28th. These shipments are only for those who donated through Kickstarter. For those who pre-ordered through the main website, retail availability is set for June 2013.