The Palit Low Profile Edition card is powered by a single PCI Express 6-pin connector.

A large aluminium heatink is used to cool the GPU. Do not touch (the heatsink) with bare hands! Or so the sticker says.


Four BGA memory chips are placed on the back of the Palit GeForce GTS 450 Low Profile 1GB. There are another four in front, making a total of eight chips and 1GB of memory.


Samsung -HC05 GDDR5 BGA memory chips, which are rated for 2000MHz (4000MHz effective).


This is a… uh, skived fin heatsink, although (a little nitpicking here) the really uneven finish is making us think it ran into an accident on the way out of the factory…

The GPU heatsink is held down by spring-loaded screws, while the voltage regulation module (VRM) uses normal screws. The orange blower is a Jamicon 0.35A unit.