Removing the plastic shroud covering the whole Palit GeForce GTX 460 Sonic Platinum reveals a large aluminium slab.

Two large copper pipes, which are extended to both ends of the aluminium heatsink block, run through the copper base.


The heatsink is held in place by four spring-loaded screws through the back of the card.

Thermal interface material is supplied generously, and contact between the base and the GF104’s heat spreader looks even as well.


After a little clean up, we have the card going fully naked in front of our camera lens.


A closer shot of the NVIDIA GF104 GPU. Unlike most GPUs which are square, the GF104 breaks the norm with its rectangular construction. The mainstream GF106 however, will revert back to square.


There are eight Samsung -HC05 BGA GDDR5 memory chips to make up 1GB on the Sonic Platinum. The -HC05 is rated for 2000MHz.


The Sonic Platinum features a 4-phase voltage regulation module (VRM).

At the top right end are the two 6-pin PCI Express power connectors. The PWM fan header (in white) is located just beside these power connectors.


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