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Palit GeForce GTX 560 Ti Sonic & GTX 560 Ti Review

Both cards use the same PCB, which is significantly shorter than the stock Nvidia design. However the Sonic Edition has a longer heatsink that extends past the end of the PCB, increasing its overall length by approximately two centimetres.

Even though Palit has provided four display outputs on each card, the two display limitation still applies. In this regard all Nvidia cards are still behind their AMD counterparts.

The rear exhaust vent is partially obstructed due to the extra outputs. We do not think that this will affect cooling, however, as the shroud does not extend all the way to the PCB. This allows air to be exhausted in all directions, rather than just out the rear as seen in some other designs.

The GPU and VRAM get 4-phase and 1-phase power respectively. Unfortunately, close inspection reveals that neither of the heatsinks are in contact with the VRMs or the memory chips. While this should not be a problem under normal operation, it might be a limiting factor when it comes to overclocking.

Both cards use 0.4ns Samsung GDDR5 memory rated at 1250MHz (5000MHz effective). This means plenty of overclocking headroom.

Like typical GTX 560s, two PCIe 6-pin power connectors are present on each card.

Palit's accessories bundle is quite barebones and comprises the following:

  • 4-pin molex to 6-pin PCIe power adapter
  • Driver CD
  • Installation Guide

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