When we pop out the primary HSF, we see a large heatsink covering the VRM area (more on that in awhile).

At the business end of things, we see the Kepler GK104 die (28nm, 3.5B transistors) flanked by eight 256MB 1.5GHz Hynix BGA RAM modules arranged in a 256-bit GDDR5 memory bus. Palit factory overclocked their card almost 100MHz (~10%) more than the reference design and gave the memory a small 20MHz increment.


2 x 6 pin PCIe connectors here for up to 225W of board power, so any ambitious overclocking is immediately ruled out.


Palit employed four phases of Fairchild Semiconductor FDMF6823C Driver MOS, each rated up to 50A of current in an efficient and space saving form factor.


The bog standard OnSemi NCP5392E PWM used here does not offer i2C support for software voltage control, but its inconsequential since Nvidia uses hardware and software voodoo to impose a max 1.175v voltage ceiling for GK104 cards across all vendors.


Palit's Jetstream cooler here is a plastic assembly holding together the primary heatsink (aluminium base with three copper heat-pipes) and dual fans.


The twin 9cm fans themselves are rated 0.55A each and push a lot of air thanks to its 15-blade design. They have attractive blue LEDs when in-use and are configured to spin in opposite directions so heat is both dissipated into and out of the casing.

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