When we pop off the cooler, we find that the Palit card is largely similar to the reference design, save for the reworked VRM area which we will talk about further down.

The 28nm GK104-400-A2 die (markings indicate that it was made in 2012, Week 06 at TSMC Taiwan).


Hynix 256MB GDDR5 memory chips – these are used on the AMD Radeon HD 7970 also and have been known to clock up to 1.9GHz if you get a good batch.


ON Semiconductor NCP4200r power control IC with an I2C interface.


Palit has opted for a 6-phase DrMOS PWM (4-phase on the reference cards), touting better efficiencies and current output.


A large heatsink block is used, covering almost the entire area of the PCB.


Four 8mm copper heatpipes are used for heat transfer, soldered to the aluminium base.


Powerlogic 8cm (PLA08015s12HH) and 9cm (PLA09215s12H) fans mounted on a plastic frame.