Expanding the powerful and stylish Tungsten™ family of business handhelds, Palm, Inc., (Nasdaq: PALM) today introduced two models — the Palm™ Tungsten T3 handheld, for the most demanding professionals who need a best-in-class colour and wireless handheld; and the Palm Tungsten E handheld, for cost-conscious professionals who need premium power and performance. Adding value to the top-selling original Palm(TM) Zire(TM) handheld, Palm, Inc., (Nasdaq: PALM) today introduced the Palm Zire 21 handheld, with more software, a faster processor and four times greater memory. The Zire 21 handheld — is an affordable and easy way for the first-time handheld-buyer to juggle daily tasks surrounding work, family and social activities.

Expanding the powerful and stylish Tungsten™ family of
business handhelds, Palm, Inc., (Nasdaq: PALM) today introduced two models —
the Palm™ Tungsten T3 handheld, for the most demanding professionals who need a
best-in-class colour and wireless handheld; and the Palm Tungsten E handheld,
for cost-conscious professionals who need premium power and performance.

Both handhelds feature substantial software innovations,
including significantly more capable Personal Information Management (PIM)
features and productivity software.

“ Skillful integration of distinguished hardware and
innovative software is key to delivering a great customer experience, and we’re
convinced our new handhelds will please new and experienced Palm handheld
customers,” said Ken Wirt, senior vice president and general manager of Palm’s
Handheld Business Unit. “What’s more, Palm’s business innovations let us price
the new handhelds very competitively.”

The Tungsten T3 handheld is Palm’s first device that supports
a ultra high-resolution colour screen in landscape, as well as the typical
portrait mode. The handheld offers greater input flexibility, streamlined access
to key features and optimal viewing in either mode. The screen display is 50
percent larger than on any previous Palm branded device, and the new soft input
screen area provides a virtual Graffiti® 2 writing area. With faster Bluetooth™
setup embedded in the handheld, a wireless communications suite, fast 400MHz
XScale processor, 64MB of RAM and superior office and multimedia capabilities,
the Tungsten T3 handheld offers exceptional performance in a compact design.

The Tungsten E handheld features 32MB of RAM , (a crisp
high-resolution colour display, updated core applications, multimedia software
and expandability through cards or add-on accessories. It retains the classic
Tungsten appearance, with its compact, sleek modern form and improved 5-way
navigator for one-handed navigation. This handheld gives professionals an
upscale handheld with premium features.

New Software

Improved Personal Information Management
Palm’s core applications have been revamped on the two new Tungsten handhelds,
providing improved organisation and customisation of information management,
including the following:
• A new agenda view that shows future appointments and daily tasks, while colour-coded
calendar options lend schedule and viewing flexibility to the day, week, month
and an all-new year view;
• Improved scheduling that lets users beam multiple appointments with a single
command, schedule events that last past midnight and view appointment location
• More contact information, including multiple contact addresses, more phone
numbers and email addresses, instant-messaging ID, website addresses and
• Repeating tasks and alarms for easier scheduling of Tasks for reoccurring
assignments and appointments;
• Larger memos and notes, which allow for entering and syncing more data than
has been possible before; and
• Advanced built-in Microsoft Outlook compatibility for seamless Synchronisation
of new fields.

Java Virtual Machine Available for Free Download
Palm Solutions Group has licensed from IBM a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) for
optimised performance on Palm Tungsten handhelds. Now, the more than 3 million
members of the Java development community can write business applications for
mobile workforces and consumer applications for gaming and information on the
go, effectively increasing our development community tenfold.


Palm Tungsten T3 Handheld Features and Benefits

New Display Enables Horizontal and Vertical Viewing
The Tungsten T3 handheld’s stunning 320 x 480 colour transflective TFT display
expands as the slider is opened, allowing landscape as well as portrait modes to
be used by a simple tap on the screen. Users can rotate between modes in one
tap. Traditional portrait mode is ideal for most applications and for one-handed
navigation. Landscape mode often is better when viewing spreadsheets, email, web
pages and multimedia clips. At the bottom of the display, Palm added a new
status bar — a toolbar with icons to give users one-tap access to screen
rotation and other frequently used features.

Powerful Performance and More Expansion Options
The Tungsten T3 handheld comes with a powerful 400Mhz Intel XScale processor and
64MB of RAM , allowing plenty of space and speed for complex documents or
applications. Expandability options using the expansion slot or Universal
Connector include a digital camera, MARGI Presenter-to-Go, Palm’s Power To Go
charger, and a variety of keyboards.

Preloaded Business and Multimedia Applications Save Start-up
The Tungsten T3 handheld is compatible with today’s most popular business file
formats — Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint — using DataViz® Documents To
Go® Professional Edition. Multimedia applications such as RealOne Mobile Player,
Palm Photos, Kinoma Player and Voice Memo Recorder deliver support for MP3 (1)
files, JPEG photos, video clips and voice notes.

Enhanced Bluetooth Capabilities Create More Seamless User
Built-in Bluetooth wireless connectivity gives mobile professionals the ability
to access wireless content and stay connected while out of the office with the
Tungsten T3 handheld.(2) By using a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone as a
modem(3), users can access the web and email or swiftly initiate a phone call
using Quick Lookup. Users also can perform a wireless HotSync® operation with
Bluetooth-enabled computers and share information wirelessly with other
Bluetooth-enabled devices.


Palm Tungsten E Handheld Features and Benefits

High-resolution Screen Improves Clarity and Readability
The Tungsten E handheld’s 320 x 320 high-resolution colour display — the same
premium transflective TFT screen first introduced in the Tungsten C and Zire 71
handhelds — supports more than 65,000 colours. The sharp display makes viewing
text, photos, VersaMail™ messages, Documents To Go files, and video easy and
helps prevent eyestrain in dark rooms or bright sunlight.

Multimedia Software Adds to Versatility
The Tungsten E handheld’s powerful Texas Instruments OMAP 311 ARM processor and
32MB of internal memory make listening to music files(1) and playing movie
trailers or home movie clips easy. It ships with RealNetworks’ RealOne Mobile
Player as well as Kinoma Player and Producer. Users can store MP3 or RealAudio
files on an expansion card and listen through the built-in speaker or via the
stereo headphone jack(4). With RealNetworks’ RealOne Mobile Player software,
users can create and manage play lists, as well as run music in the background
while using most other Palm applications. With Kinoma Player and Producer, and a
free downloadable QuickTime application, handheld users can transfer and display
their own home movie clips on the device, as well as download movie trailers and
other preformatted material from the Internet.