4GB hard drive

Carry all your
important files and have them when you need them. With 3.85GB of usable storage,
you can store and access years worth of email, thousands of Word docs,
1200 PowerPoint presentations, 300 songs, 1000 photos, 2.5 hours of video, and
more…all with room to spare! And you can see it all on the large 320×480 color
rich display with landscape and portrait views at the touch of a button.


LifeDrive™ smart file management

You have better things to do with your time than
manage files. With new LifeDrive™ technology from palmOne, you can quickly drag
and drop thousands of files from your PC onto your LifeDrive™ mobile manager.
Your folder structure remains intact so you can easily locate important
information when you need it. And you’ll always have your most recent documents
safely with you. Just select the files you want to keep in sync, they’ll be
automatically updated whenever you sync with your computer. Plus, you can use
your LifeDrive device like you would any USB drive to easily upload files to any
PC or Macintosh.1



Host computer
must support standard USB removable drive.



Built-in Wi-Fi
802.11b and Bluetooth v1.1

Stay connected
at any of the over 80,000 public Wi-Fi hotspots in popular hotels, cafes and
airports1. Access your POP, IMAP and Exchange email accounts
Download your latest calendar appointments from the office. Retrieve documents
from your main computer with the WiFile™ software
Use the included web browser, optimized for the mobile experience, for surfing.
Or, use Bluetooth to connect to compatible devices nearby—sync with your
Bluetooth laptop, wirelessly send a document to a Bluetooth printer or dial a
Bluetooth phone



Some Wi-Fi
hotspots require fee for usage.


Microsoft Exchange Server
2003 or VPN may be required.


Requires a connection to the
same network that the networked computers are on. VPN may be required.


Requires compatible Bluetooth
GSM mobile phone.


Support for
Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Acrobat

Rehearse your
PowerPoint presentation discreetly in an airport. Keep all of your important
Word documents at your fingertips. Check the numbers in an Excel spreadsheet.
Download and view an Acrobat file1. The LifeDrive mobile manager
comes with support for native Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files and Adobe
Acrobat Reader.



Acrobat files
require conversion step.



More room for
MP3 files, photos and video clips

Whether you’re
viewing schematics from business associates, listening to songs, or both, the
LifeDrive mobile manager gives you room for virtually everything you might take
with you. Plus the software you need is preinstalled. View photos and videos
with the palmOne Media application. And enjoy all the songs in your personal
music collection with on-board support for MP3 files.



Built-in voice

Capture that
big idea anywhere. Tape important lectures. Take notes hands-free. Or, record a
slideshow narration to accompany your photos. It’s all possible with this
integrated, go-anywhere functionality.