Let’s take a look at PalmOne’s latest iteration of the Tungsten Series!


I have been sitting on this review for ages, and I apologise for it. I have
just started a new job, and it is quite a madhouse where I am at. This
time round, we have better pictures as compared to the previous review I
did. I figured out why. It was the lighting, heh. Without further ado, let
us take a look at the latest iteration of the Tungsten series from PalmOne.
Like the m505 and m515, the Tungsten T2 is more of an incremental upgrade
of features
the the
Tungsten T. Some of the features that were changed or upgraded were, the
memory (from 16mb to 32mb), a much better screen (gorgeous, consistently
backlit and vibrant!) and a slight change in the colours of the Tungsten


Product Tungsten T2
Memory 32MB (29.5MB actual storage capacity)
Screen 16-bit, 320×320 transflective TFT color display
supports more than 65,000 colors
and Weight
Height: 4″ (4.8″ open) x 3″ x 0.6″;
5.6 oz.
Processor Texas Instruments OMAP1510 (enhanced ARM-based) processor
Palm OS® 5.2.1
Memo Button
Capture and organize thoughts with a single touch
of a button. Files are automatically transferred to your computer, where
you can store, share and email them.
Access information with just one hand
Battery Rechargeable Lithium Ion/Polymer
Stereo Headphone Jack Accepts 3.5mm stereo headphone plug
Expansion Slot
Add extra memory, content like a dictionary/thesaurus
card, or a card module like a digital camera (sold separately).
Accepts SD, MultiMediaCard, and SDIO cards and peripherals.
Universal Connector
Add hardware like a portable keyboard or a battery
pack (
sold separately)
Notification Vibration, Audio, LED notification