First Impression:

My first exclaimation on seeing the packaging was that, “It’s
changed!”. The previous packaging displayed the Tungsten T in a clear packaging
with the rest of the extras hidden away from view. This time round, the packaging
of the Tungsten
T2 was
just a plain old cardboard box. I know most people rip through the packaging
to begin
with, but showing the Tungsten in the clear packaging definitely made it a head-turner.
I have played around with the Tungsten T briefly before, so here are some initial
impressions as compared to the Tungsten
T2. To be honest, if there was not the Tungsten
T2 printed on the top left hand corner
of the screen, I would not have known it was a Tungsten
T2. It looked almost exactly the
same, with the exception of the Tungsten
T2, and yes of course, the colour of the casing. The Tungsten
T2’s current
shade of grey is much lighter, almost to the point of being silver. Materials
wise, it was the same as the Tungsten T.


For users new to the Tungsten series, from the picture below,
you will realise that the Tungsten T2 actually has a lower section that slides
out and exposes the graffiti area.

And here are the package contents:

  • Palm Tungsten T2
  • Stylus C
  • Clear plastic cover
  • USB Cradle with multi-voltage AC Adapter (and additional
  • Installation CD
  • Software Essentials CD
  • Read This First Document
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Graffit 2 sticker and cheatsheet