If you have a current PalmOS powered handheld that uses the
universal connector (more about this later), and you have been keeping
up with the software updates for the Palm Desktop, all you need to do is
T2 into the cradle and hit the sync button on the cradle.

However, if you are behind on the PalmOS powered
handhelds technology or have never had a handheld before, there is nothing
to worry about. It is quite easy to setup, and unless you are the sort that
have problems plugging in a pair of earphones into a earphone port, the installation
is as easy as reciting A-B-C! It is simply a matter of plugging in the AC
adapter into the power brick, connecting the adapter into the cradle (Do
not worry! There is only one hole available!) and plugging the cradle into
the USB port. And that is probably the back-breaking part.

And the software? Well, that is again as easy as A-B-C. Place
the Installation CD into your computer’s CD-ROM drive, follow instructions
screen. Lather, rinse and repeat for the Software Essentials CD.

That takes care of the installation part. One minor grouse
though, which is not of PalmOne’s fault. If you have a current installation
of the Palm Desktop software, installing the new Palm Desktop software over
the old one will kill off all your custom conduits, so do
remember to reinstall all those lovely PalmOS software that require extra

Size Comparisons:

Here are some comparisons
of sizes with the Sony Clie T615.