The basic software for PalmOS powered handheld has not changed for quite a
while, and that was also the reason why the Palm OS has been so successful.
The addressbook, datebook, todo list, and notepad are still there and I shall
not go into them as they would probably be familiar to our readers by now.

The Tungsten T2 uses the same screen as the Tungsten C and the Zire 71, a
320×320 pixel transflective color screen that supports up to 65535 colours.
As you turn on the screen, the first thing you will notice is the vibrancy
of the
colours. The screen is probably one of the
best I have
seen on any handheld (and I have seen quite a few). The colours were vibrant,
the screen consistently lit without looking like a stage lit with spotlights
and at the brightest setting, could probably be used comfortably
as an torchlight in the dark. I was unable to procure a Tungsten T to take
some pictures for comparison, but you will have to take my word for it. Besides,
attempts at taking the pictures would not do enough justification to the excellence
of the screen (Believe me, I tried!).

This is where the interesting part really starts for new users. Bluetooth.
How does it work? Fantastic. I installed the SMS program provided inside the
CD, and proceeded to pair my Ericsson T39 and the Tungsten T2 up. It was quite
a breeze really, with the wizard interface in the Tungsten T2. I was up and
running and SMSing my friends in a matter of minutes. Connecting to the net
via GPRS was also a breeze, again taking only a couple of minutes with the
settings ready, and I was surfing the net, albeit on a small screen.

Of course, the Tungsten T2 is capable of much more
than being a simple Personal Digital Assistant with web-browsing and messenging
capabilties. I was able to test out the mp3 playback
of the Tungsten T2 for a while. That was after sneakily ejecting my friend’s
SD card filled with mp3s from his Palm and bringing it back home to test it
on the Tungsten T2. Well, the output through my earphones was pretty decent,
while it is not fantastic, it is definitely good enough to satisfy the average
listener. Readers might like to note that I did return the SD card in the end,
together with a very nice scoop of ice-cream.

PalmOne has included a very extensive software bundle together with the Tungsten
T2, there was also Documents To Go (Office Suite), Acrobat Reader (PDF Reader),
Palm Reader Software (eBook Reader) and various other utilities and games.
I won’t elaborate on
them here
as they
already very well-known applications in the Palm Software world today.