Panasonic opens a new showroom that would give us yet another glimpse at home consumer tech in the not-so-distant future.


2020, the year that always seemed so far in the future during the late 20th century, is today just half a decade away from us. We’ve had many visions about it before, however Panasonic gives us yet another look, with the opening of its new showcase that is thematically named as the Wonder-Life-BOX 2020.

Panasonic’s vision of a quality lifestyle in the year 2020 is embodied in the campaign motto of Wonder-Life-BOX 2020: “A Better Life, A Better World”. More specifically however, the central theme of the showcase is all about integration and connectivity. The “Lifestyle Concierge” concept presented by the showcase utilizes cloud technologies to centralize audio, video and energy-related home systems. Basically, the showcase presents to us a step forward all of the smart home systems that we have today, and what it would be like to combine all of these systems together efficiently for an ideal future home.

The showcase is divided into three sections. The first one is the entrance section, where smart locker services, security support, and digital community services are introduced.



The next is the LDK (Living, Dining, Kitchen) and private office sections, the area that showcases smart screens and interactive on-the-spot accessible options and menus, as well as the “My Professional Kitchen” system.



Last are the bathroom and bedroom sections, which have functions that are not so far from the ideas presented in this older futuristic concept video.



The presentation of Wonder-Life-BOX 2020, as well as the promotion of their campaign motto is part of Panasonic’s comprehensive business plan to maintain their position in the consumer electronics market, all the while shifting focus towards business-to-business (B2B) endeavors. The showcase itself has already started last week, and is freely open to visitors of the company’s corporate showroom, the Panasonic Center in Tokyo.

Source: Watch (JP), Panasonic