Panasonic Eco event

Panasonic Asia Pacific held an event at the Marina Bay Sands Convention this morning to present their ‘eco ideas’ declaration and also the company’s vision to become the number one Green Innovation company in the electronics industry by 2018.

Ikuo Miyamoto, Managing Director for Panasonic Asia Pacific, gave the opening speech and announced that the company has not only achieved, but has exceeded its ‘eco ideas’ targets set for fiscal 2009 (April 2009 to March 2010).

“In the area of manufacturing, our target to reduce CO2 by 240,000 tons. I’m pleased to announce that through collective effort and enhanced productivity, and improved energy efficiency, across our 49 manufacturing plants in Asia Pacific. We have not only met our target, but have exceeded the target by 50,000 tons. This brings our total CO2 emission reduction to 290,000 tons over three fiscal years.”

“Pnasonic aims to be the number one Green Innovation company in the electronics industry toward 2018. Why 2018?  Because that is the year we celebrate our 100th anniversary” says Miyamoto.

Miyamoto also explained that the company’s new eco-friendly products could be slightly more expensive than others, but in the long-run, these products would provide higher cost savings in terms of pwoer consumption as well as being more environmental friendly.

The media also got the opprtunity to check out the eco products showcase and activities.