Panasonic Singapore today announced the launch of the highly-anticipated DMC-GF2 camera that uses LUMIX G Micro System which is based on the micro four-thirds standard. The successor to the popular GF1 is now retailing in the stores near you.

Philip Chua, general manager of audio visual department in Panasonic, gave an opening speech and talks about the company being first to introduce micro four-thirds system camera, Lumix G1.

“The Lumix G1 has defined the convention of having large, bulky professional cameras. This has started the reproduction of compact mirrorless system cameras. Then we introduced the Lumix GH1 in July 2009, designed to capture Full high definition (HD) videos in a system camera. The Lumix GF1, introduced last year, took the market by storm with its artistic slim body and expansive functions, comparable to a full system camera. This set a paradigm shift to compact mirrorless cameras and now more companies have started to jump onto the wagon. “

Chung Zi’ang (above pic), marketing executive in AV department for Panasonic, also introduced the various features of the camera. The Panasonic GF2 is focused on touch, such that there isn’t any dial on the camera. For features including zoom and focus, you will need to rely on the touch controls via the 3-inch display at the rear of the unit.

Some pictures of the models with the Panasonic Lumix GF2 in different color – black, silver, white and pink.