The Android wave is sweeping across the world, and it seems that nothing will stop it from achieving the status of being the most popular smartphone platform in the world. And Pantech’s latest announcement is proof of that: the South Korean smartphone OEM has announced two additional Android-powered handsets as its contribution to the Android ecosystem.

Do you fancy having a smartphone that sports PC hardware and is said to deliver performance similar to that of an actual computer? That might sound a little far-fetched considering the state of today’s technology, but a Korean manufacturer Pantech has gone ahead with such an idea.

And the result? A smartphone which makes use of standard DDR2 chips, which is supposedly capable of processing data 1.5x faster than the average smartphone. Enter the Android-powered Pantech Vega X which boasts superior speed and performance over most smartphones in the market today.

According to a recent official press release, the Vega X is currently the fastest smartphone to exist in the market today, a claim which the company attributes to the hardware used in the construction of the phone. In addition to the faster DDR2 memory chips used, the Vega X also sports typical hardware found in higher-end smartphones, like a 1GHz Qualcomm processor. Pantech claims that this combination of hardware and software is more than enough to power the most intensive 3D mobile games and other resource hungry applications.

However, it is clear that Pantech had also been hard at work ensuring that the added power does not translate to added bulkiness of its smartphone. Sporting a 4-inch screen, the Vega X weighs a mere 119.9g while measuring only 120.5 x 62.8 x 10.9mm. Last but not least, those who find the onboard 8GB of flash storage insufficient for their use may opt to expand with SD cards: Pantech claims that the Vega X will support SDXC cards of up to 32GB.

Unfortunately, this muscle smartphone is only available for sale in Korea, and the press release did not mention the retail price. That being said, there is nothing to stop a determined buyer from getting his or her Korean friend to purchase and ship a Vega X over to their country, if they so desire.

Source: Pantech Korea

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