If the news about the Vega X in the previous page was not obvious enough, it should be common knowledge that some Korean OEMs such as Pantech generally do not release their products for sale outside their domestic market. This is usually done for a variety of reasons, most of which are usually centered around technical and localization issues.

That being said, it seems that Pantech has started taking its first steps to bring its products out to markets beyond that of its domestic ground. In a press released issued today, the Korean OEM has announced that it has started exporting its Android-powered SIRIUS Alpha smartphone to Japan, thus making it the first Pantech smartphone to be officially available outside of Korea.

In addition, Pantech claims that the company may decide to expand into other markets besides Japan, as the growing demand for Android-powered smartphones have presented an opportunity for the company to expand their user base and market share. Currently, the company has identified the Chinese and US markets as potential candidates for expanding into, and may decide to go global if the demand for Android handsets continues to grow.

No information about the SIRIUS Alpha’s pricing has been released, although the press release reveals some useful information about the smartphone’s specification. Like most Android phones currently available in the market, the SIRUIS Alpha will be pre-loaded with version 2.2 of the Android operating system (aka Froyo) that has a custom 3D user interface. On the hardware side, the SIRIUS Alpha will be powered by a 1GHz Qualcomm processor, weighs 109 grams and measures 115.95×59.4×10.95mm.

Source: Pantech Korea