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PaperTab Prototype merges tablet computing with flexibility of paper


Flexible, ultra-thin tablet prototype unveiled at CES in Las Vegas. PaperTab could replace your laptop or tablet within the next five years.

Some of the big news at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week comes from the demo of PaperTab. This new type of tablet computer was on display, and was developed jointly by Queen's University, Plastic Logic, and Intel.

The PaperTab looks and has dimensions similar to paper

PaperTab brings innovation with its near-paper-thin design and is heralded as being “virtually indestructible”. The power behind the prototype is its unique interface and interactivity between screens. Unlike current tablets that have one screen and use windows and icons to navigate, the PaperTab can have 10 or more screen which interacts with both touch and each other. Each PaperTab display will handle an app and when the display is set out of reach it will display a thumbnail "summary" of the content open.

Some of the unique interactions include expanding an image on one screen by placing another PaperTab sheet next to it. The PaperTab can also be used as an e-reader, opening documents by tapping a blank page against the file you want on other page. You can then navigate through the document by bending, or "dog-earring" the corner of the PaperTab, flipping forward and back through the document depending on the direction of the dog-ear.

Each PaperTab keeps track of its location relative to each other as well as the user. While pricing and release information are still unknown, the tablet is powered by an Intel Core i5 processor and features a 10.7 inch plastic display developed by Plastic Logic. With robust flexibility and ease of managing documents, the PaperTab is poised to be a serious necessity to business and personal efficiency in the future.

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