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Parallels Access offers near native support for Mac and Windows apps on the iPad

Parallels is best known for the virtualization software it creates. The company announced a new app and subscription service today, Parallels Access, which promises near native support for Mac and Windows apps on the iPad.


 The Parallels Access software claims to offer native experience of desktop apps without compromising on the iPad’s tablet experience. Apps that offer similar functionality are already available but most of them don’t have refined interfaces and greatly compromise the iPad experience. Parallels Access allows users to use gestures, taps, pinches and swipes on native desktop apps exactly the way they would use them on native apps for the iPad. Since clicks and movements are automatically translated into gestures, using desktop apps on the iPad becomes a breeze.

The way Parallels Access works is that the user will first install a client on their Mac or PC and then install the iOS app. Authentication is done via a Parallels account and devices are linked with a 256-bit AES secured SSL connection. The software is said to run games and business programs while also being able to stream video. There’s an App Launcher to which desktop application can be added. Apps are run in fullscreen mode.

A 14 day free trial for Mac and 90 day trial for Windows is offered. Those who want to use it after that will have to subscribe. Parallels Access subscription costs $79.99 per year for each computer that’s running a registered client, the iOS app as well as the client for Windows and Mac is available for free from Parallel’s website.

Source: AppleInsider

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