The EVGA 9800GTX is a fully featured performance card, now with more
performance. The EVGA 9800GTX SSC is the fastest 9800GTX to date at 770MHz Core
and 1.94GHz shader clockspeed. This new lineup of performance cards are tuned to
optimum levels, giving you extreme speeds and an intense visual experience.

When using an nForce SLI-ready motherboard, the EVGA 9800GTX SSC provides even
faster performance for up to 2x in SLI mode, and up to 2.8x in 3-way SLI mode.
Coupled with EVGA’s Limited lifetime warranty, step-up program, 24/7 support,
online community forums, Mods Rigs and more; the EVGA 9800GTX offers incredible
gaming performance, at an incredible value.