A minor technical glitch on PayPal servers resulted in millions of users receiving e-mails, congratulating them on winning €500 from PayPal. Sadly, their account remains unchanged.

On Friday, millions of PayPal users were subject to elation, and subsequent disappointment. The said users received an e-mail from PayPal telling them that they have won €500. This comedy of errors has left many over-expectant users sad and disgruntled, after all not everyday do you get a legit e-mail saying they won money.

PayPal declared in a statement that the e-mails were sent out accidentally, that it was “due to a technical error” and the winners of  €500 is yet to be chosen. Keeping in mind the amount of money Paypal really makes (3.9% tax on transactions less than $3000), a giveaway of €500 wouldn’t really hurt the company, or its public image.

Source: PayPal via The Next Web