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PayPal join hands with Apple to launch Digital Gifts store, more partnerships coming in future

PayPal has launched its own online store where people can buy gift cards of their favourite stores using their PayPal account.

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The most popular service in the world for secure online money transfer, PayPal has grown into a huge company with more than 132 million users around the world making more than 8 million transactions every day; it is the most widely used online payment system in the world.

Gift cards are the most popular gift item in the US, and are especially popular in the holiday season. One of the reasons I personally use PayPal is to buy iTunes gift cards from 3rd party sellers on eBay and other trading sites, rather than from a brick-and-mortar store. This adds a certain degree of unreliability to the entire transaction as not all 3rd party sellers are all that trustworthy, and they do also charge extra money for the service their offering. You end up paying about 1-5% of the total card value on top, and don’t get a full peace of mind. Not an ideal situation for customers.

That’s where PayPal’s Digital Gifts store comes in.  People can use their already set-up PayPal accounts to buy gift cards from different companies for different services. It’s simple: log in with PayPal, select your service, the value of the gift card and the details of who you want it sent to. Simple as that. You can check it out right now if you want to buy credit on iTunes – for now the PayPal Digital Gifts store only offers US iTunes gift cards.

paypal digital gift cards store itunes apple

It seems that Paypal has scored yet another winner as they expand on features, and entrench themselves in the lives of online shoppers. Although  the variety of cards you can buy are pretty weak – Apple is the only partner – PayPal has promised that more companies will be added soon alongside some sweet-sweet deals and discounts. One can, then, expect to see digital gifts from big stores like Google Store, Walmart, Amazon, Target and others on the website very soon.

Source: Paypal Official Blog

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