ASUS’ presence is handled by various retailers including Harvey Norman and Digital Asia. And needless to say, the laptops and netbooks are the attractions like previous shows. If you are looking for a budget ASUS netbook, check out the Eee PC Seashell 1005P that comes with Intel Atom N450 and boasts up to 11 hours battery life, retailing at just S$498.

Acer’s booth can be seen when you walked into Hall 403, promoting their mobile laptop and netbook products.

For those who didn’t know, Acer also has a mobile phone division, and the Liquid is the manufacturer’s latest Android smartphone. It retails at S$599 before GST, and is available on all three telcos.

Imaging giant Canon is at almost every show, and their Canon EOS500D is the star buy for this PC Show, selling at S$1,249 with EF S18-55 IS kit lens (or S$1,949 with EF S18-200 IS kit lens).