Successful Kickstarter funded campaign Pebble, a Smartwatch, lands exclusive retail deal with Best Buy, to go on sale from 7th July for $150.

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Pebble, one of the most successful Kickstarter funded campaigns, has landed an exclusive retail deal with Best Buy. The innovative Smartwatch that wooed us all back in April 2012 will hit retail stores starting 7th July, with an affordable $150 price tag. For those who want the device right now, the good news is that you can order your very own Pebble online, but only the Jet Black color for now. The poppy Cherry Red color will be available from August onwards.

While Best Buy has started selling two flavors of Pebble, the company’s official website continues to take pre-orders for the three color variants (orange, grey and arctic white), of course, for the same $150 price.

“The outpouring of support from our Kickstarter backers was the first signal to our team that Pebble’s approach to smart, wearable technology was something the world was ready for,” recalls Migicovsky. “We’ve learned that people want their Pebbles. Thanks to Best Buy, we’re giving folks more ways to make that happen.”

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After checking out the Sony Smartwatch 2, and the impending launch of the Apple iWatch, I’d like to wait this one out before passing a verdict (or purchase).

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