Pentax Optio RS1500

Pentax has launched their new Optio RS1500 digital camera designed with good quality specifications, features and fun. It also comes with 10 interchageable skins for users to easily customize the looks of their image capturing device.

Pentax looks to be going after the fashionistas with their newly launched Optio RS1500 digital camera. In the specifications department, it features a 14-megapixel sensor, 4X optical zoom lens (27.5mm to 110mm) and a 3-inch LCD screen. Althought the camera comes in the original silver or pearl white finish, the manufacturer has included 10 interchangeable skins for users to customize their RS1500.

Users can choose to upload the skins they have designed to the gallery for others to enjoy and print. On top of that, users can also download the Pentax Personal Skin Designer from the Pentax website and the Adobe Air-based software allows users to create their own designs and save them as PDFs.

The Pentax Optio RS1500 is scheduled to ship in April for US$150.

Source: MacWorld