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The new Pentium M code-named “Dothan” arrives with a few updates. These include 90nm technology, 2MB L2 cache and an enhanced energy efficient circuit. We are going to take a look at how this new mobile chip performs and does it really live up to its name to be the successor of Banias.

 Centrinologo Pentium M Dothan


In year 2003, Intel revolutionized the mobile market by
introducing the

Centrino™ Mobile

to the world
To qualify for the Centrino branding, manufacturers must include the Intel
Pentium-M processor, Intel 855 Chipset family and Intel Wi-Fi module. With this
combination of hardware, a Centrino laptop is able to achieve high performance
and a battery life of up to 5 hours.

After one year in the market, Intel has successfully convinced
consumers that raw speed is not the only factor when it comes to performance.
Efficiency of the core plays a huge role as well.

Now, Intel has done a follow up in updating the core of the
Pentium-M processor. The new cpu, codename “Dothan”, sports a hefty 2MB L2
cache, manufactured using 90-nm process and strained silicon technology. All
these should add up to a faster, more efficient and power saving processor. VR-Zone
finally got hold of a chance to verify these claims.



cpuz Pentium M Dothan


 When running on battery mode, Dothan will throttle down to a
speed of 600Mhz, a scheme which has been implemented since the first version of
Pentium M.