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The new
Pentium M codename Dothan is based on the same architecture as Banias. For a
quick recap, click

. Intel has a relatively smoother transition from 0.13 micron
technology to 0.09 micron technology (compared to Pentium 4 Prescott). The
fabrication process helps

Intel to
achieve the amazing feat of squeezing almost 2 times as many transistors (140
millions) as compared to Banias (77 millions) on the same core size. This is
certainly good news to both Intel and consumer as cost of making a Dothan should
not be much more than making a Banias, when the manufacture process mature.


 A quick look
at the innards of the new microprocessor

Dothan Core –
taking up a real estate of 84mm²

 Banias Core
– taking up a
real estate of 83mm²



As you can see, the L2 Cache
takes up a significant amount space of the Dothan core, while the actual
computing part has been shrunk.