Let us start with the pipe-cutter. The pipe-cutter is a tool that you will be
using a lot if you are DIYing a setup. Like what its name suggest, you use it to
cut pipes. It is done in a fast and clean manner so that you don’t get copper
shavings and dust in the pipes which are contaminants.

It is basically a clamp with a sharp wheel to cut through pipes. You just
turn the thumbscrew to clamp down onto the part of the pipe you want to cut.

Once its a little tight, turn the pipe cutter around the pipe for 2 to 3
times, then tighten the thumbscrew a bit more and then turn the cutter around
the pipe 2 to 3 times and repeat till the pipe is cut. It is a good habit to
always tape up the ends of your excess copper coils so that debris do not enter.