Flaring Tool

Another tool you might need for pipe work is the flaring tool. Basically it
consists of the flaring tool and the flaring block. The flaring tool has an
inter-changeable head.

This tool is very useful when you need to connect 2 similar sized pipes, for
example 1/4″ to 1/4″. The flaring block has holes for the different-sized pipes.

Clamp down the flaring block onto the pipe you want to swag by tightening the
butterfly nuts. Leave about a length of piping above the flaring block, as seen from the
picture below. The depth of the swag must be equal to the outside diameter of the tube. For example, if the tubing is 1/4 inch OD, then it should be swagged 1/4 inch deep.

If you are connecting 2 similar sized pipes, you can choose either pipe to
swag but it would be better to swag the pipe that is positioned lower.

Slip on the flaring tool onto the flaring block and turn it so that the 2 “feet”
is held up against the flaring block. This will hold the tool down as you clamp down
the swag head.

Then screw down the swag head slowly until you get a nice swag head like

Now you can slip in the other pipe to connect both together. Of course, you
will need to braze them up next.