The player comes with a white Philips earphones which fits snuggly into your ears. Sound is as per normal as compared to other earphones. If you are looking for better audio representation, i recommend getting a higher end earphone/headphone set, like the Sony MDR-EX71SL.

earphones Philips Key Ring MP3 Player 64MB

Auxiliary AAA Battery Pack

This is a fantastic accessory bundled with the audio player. It is small and easily extends the battery lifespan of the player by an extra 10 hours. All these achieved just by using a single AAA battery.

Many may question, “How thick is the player with the auxiliary battery pack?”

All I can say, it is still rather slim (will look akward with a bulge should you put it in the pockets of your jeans) and the shape of the player reminds me of the spaceships found in the Star Trek series. A man’s fantasy ? Maybe. All in all, the battery pack is neither clumsy nor an eye sore.

battpack Philips Key Ring MP3 Player 64MB
Auxiliary AAA Battery Pack

playerwithauxbatt Philips Key Ring MP3 Player 64MB
Player with Auxiliary AAA Battery Pack Attached

Wired Remote Control

There are no control buttons on the player itself, so using the remote control is a must. This remote is really small and provides only limited functions (PLAY, FORWARD, BACKWARD, VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN). There weren’t any controls for repeat of tracks, random selection or hold.

I encountered some problems with the remote’s BACKWARD function. The normal convention for the function would be a single click will bring you back to the start of the track and a double click will bring you to the previous song. However thats not the case for this player. I can’t really say that it functions according to a fixed pattern but somehow single clicks and double clicks word interchangeably.

wiredremote Philips Key Ring MP3 Player 64MB
Wired Remote Control

Lanyard Remote Control

Tailored for the corporate look, the lanyard remote control is a really unique and cool looking control device for audio players. With the wide popularity of lanyard wearing amongst the corporate population, this control can serve dual purpose. Say bye bye to the old lanyard of yours and adopt this new high tech device. Guranteed to awe your colleagues.

Another interesting element in the design is the earphone jack. It is situated behind your neck so you won’t have unsightly wires dangling in front of you when you walk. Smart design!

lanyard Philips Key Ring MP3 Player 64MB
Lanyard Remote Control

lanyardphonejack Philips Key Ring MP3 Player 64MB
Lanyard Earphone Port

lanyardbuttons Philips Key Ring MP3 Player 64MB
Lanyard Buttons

lanyardbuttons2 Philips Key Ring MP3 Player 64MB
Lanyard Buttons

As you can see from the lanyard buttons, there are lotsa orange dots. Well, as long you press anyway that spots the orange dot, it should work. Tested and verified by me.

I have to reiterate how impressed i am by this lanyard control. No matter how much pressure i extert with my fingers on the lanyard, i just couldn’t feel a single wire in there. Wonder how the engineers at Philips made this control work. Guess i just got to keep guessing.

A small little flaw in this remote will be the wire sticking out at the bottom of the play controls. It just looks a little weird. Otherwise, i am very impressed with the design of this remote control.

Software/User Manual

This is the first time i actually tried a product which comes only with a softcopy manual. Well it is not really that difficult to understand why! It’s simply because its so easy to navigate through the player, you don’t even need to refer to the manual at all. OK! I confess, I relied on the manual to find out how to charge the player’s battery. The manual is pretty comprehensive and should guide even the least “techiest” person to operate the player.

Installing of the programs for the player was a breeze. The CD comes with a licenced copy of MusicMatch Jukebox. Well, if you don’t really need it, i recommend not installing it. Just transfer MP3s like how you transfer files on your HDD for this player.

menu thumb Philips Key Ring MP3 Player 64MB menu2 thumb Philips Key Ring MP3 Player 64MB
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