The Samsung Galaxy S IV has blown most of its competition out of the water in all benchmarks, but the hype surrounding the latest Galaxy flagship will dissipate once handset makers launch smartphones that feature Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800.

ZTE’s Grand Memo is likely to be the first handset to feature the latest Qualcomm chip, with devices from LG, Motorola, and Pantech to follow. According to Qualcomm, its 2.3GHz 28nm Snapdragon 800 is 40% faster than its predecessor, and will support UHD video recording as well as 4K graphics.

Samsung features both its own Exynos chip as well as the Snapdragon 600 in the GS4, with availability of the models varying from region to region.  The Exynos 5 Octa variant, however, blasted the Snapdragon 600 variant out of the water in terms of performance.  For those that aren’t willing to settle for the Snapdragon variant GS4, fret not, because handsets featuring the Snapdragon 800 as well as Android 5.0.1 are on the way.

Rumors and speculations suggest that Motorola will roll out the Google X Phone later this year, and this device will be the crème of the crop as far as Android smartphones go. 

Reviews of the GS4 from various sources have an air of mixed feelings about the device.  On one hand, the device has a nice screen and is zippy, but on the other it has a ‘cheap plastic’ feel and full of bloatwares. If you’ve been waiting it out for the best handset of 2013, then another month or two wouldn’t hurt.


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