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Photon brings 3D-scanning to a hobbyist level

The 3D printing revolution is spilling over into the field of 3D scanners. The Photon is a new scanner aimed at hobbyist 3D modelers who want to bring real objects into the virtual world.

3D printing is slowly but surely moving to the consumer level, and it seems to be pulling a few other industries with it. Photon is a 3D scanner featured on Indiegogo, which means to bring the power of scanning three dimensional objects down to a level that anyone can afford.

The device scans over any object placed on its pad, tracing lasers across the surface and translating that surface into a “point cloud” in your computer. The point cloud uses dots spread out in 3D space as markers for the edges and features of the object, and then creates a model from the cloud that can be exported into a 3d program.


The Photon, amazingly, has been custom built from the ground up; from the casing down to the circuitry level. The creators wanted to have complete control over the creation of the scanner, so leaving even the smallest detail to stock items was out of the question. Check out the Photon in the video below!


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