Rumors and speculation around Nokia’s upcoming Windows RT tablet are becoming more and more frequent, and now a picture of what is allegedly the Verizon variant of the tablet has surfaced online.


Well, it looks like Nokia is indeed going ahead with plans to launch a Windows RT tablet. Alleged pictures of the Verizon variant of Nokia’s foray into Windows tablets have surfaced on Chinese site Digiwo, showing off the rear of a 10.1-inch device with Nokia, Windows RT, Verizon. A 4G LTE logo is visible as well, hinting at an LTE-enabled model.

According to The Verge, the tablet is codenamed Vanquish and is expected to be available on AT&T as well, with an unveiling set for next month, at an event supposedly taking place on September 26th in New York. A Snapdragon 800 processor with four Krait cores is once again being touted to be the chipset powering the tablet, with a Nokia tablet using Qualcomm’s most powerful SoC showing up in benchmarks recently, but other specs still remain a mystery.

Patent filing showing off a Nokia tablet

It’s clear to see Nokia hasn’t been fazed by the decidedly poor performance of Windows RT devices, with Microsoft writing off $900 million on the Surface RT, and with partners like ASUS cancelling plans of making any more Windows RT tablets. However, just like Windows Phone has become a viable option due to the Finnish company’s efforts, a Windows RT tablet by Nokia might just be what the struggling OS needs to take off.

What do you guys think? Is a Windows RT tablet an exercise in futility, or does Nokia’s involvement mean a brighter future for an OS that’s been unable to make a dent in the tablet market?

Via: The Verge