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Pioneer introduces STEEZ Dance Gears audio solutions

A new dedicated line of audio equipment made specially for dancers has been unveiled by Pioneer. The attention grabbing series of speakers, music players and headphones celebrate this urban youth culture by empowering street dancers with the beat to match theirs skills.


Dancers can now rejoice as Pioneer releases STEEZ Dance Gears series, a line-up of portable audio equipment to power their groove. The term “boombox” is given a new definition with the STEEZ Audio series, consisting of the Type S, Type T, and Type Z portable speakers. Featuring an in-built 4GB storage capacity and connections for iPod dock, USB and auxiliary 3.5mm jack, the STEEZ Audio series plays your MP3, WMA, AAC and WAV music files loud and proud.

The real shine comes from a nice mix of play functions, such as Auto Battle Mode, which automatically plays a list of your favorite music of the same genre, accompanied by a countdown timer to signal the end of the session. Other play mode features include Tempo Control Function, Dance CUE function, and Eight-beat Skip to fast forward or reverse by eight counts in the music for choreographic practices.

STEEZ Portable

The STEEZ Portable is a music player with a 4GB storage capacity and touch panel interface. It is equipped with play functions such as Non-Stop Mix Play for automatic queuing of similar tracks; Tempo Control Search which queues tracks of similar temp; Tempo Control; and Bookmark function to add tracks to the current playlist while listening to music. Pumping continuous music becomes fast and hassle-free for seamless dance sessions.

STEEZ Headphone

The STEEZ Headphone delivers crisp sound with rich low-pass bass, bringing out dance beats effortlessly. It is easy to store in your bag with its foldable design, along with a variety of monitoring styles thanks to its housing reversal and swivel mechanism built around the drivers.


Pioneer brings their experience in producing DJ equipment by offering the MIXTRAX music management application. Analysis technology gathers information of all kinds of music such as melody, beat positions and chorus blocks, thus placing all music into various relevant categories and enabling the execution advance play functions. The user-friendly interface makes sure import of your library is a breeze. The good news is it’s free, right here.



STEEZ Audio TYPE S – S$399

STEEZ Audio TYPE T – S$499

STEEZ Audio TYPE Z – S$699

STEEZ Portable – S$199

STEEZ Headphone – S$99

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