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pixelSense wants help to buy Homeworld at second THQ auction

Recently, game development house THQ was ordered by the courts to put itself up for sale, and consequently, much of the company's assets were auctioned off. However, some of those assets, like the video game Homeworld, didn't get sold which means that there is going to be another auction to try and find new homes for the unsold games.

It's always sad when a game development company closes its doors, especially if you are a fan of any of their games, and leaves us all to wonder what will happen with some of the games that they created and owned.

Such is the case with the recent news that THQ was going to be holding a court ordered auction as part of its bankruptcy proceedings in the hope that any monies received will settle any outstanding debts. In the lead up to the auction, many were concerned about what would happen to the catalog of games owned by the company, especially considering that THQ own a number of very high profile and popular games – like Company of Heroes and Saint's Row.

As it turned out many of the THQ owned studios and properties found homes:

  • Sega bought Relic – responsible for Company of Heroes – for $26.6 million
  • Koch Media bought volition – responsible for Saint's Row – for $23 million
  • Ubisoft bought THQ's new Montreal studio
  • Crytek bought Homefront for $500,000
  • Koch Media bought the Metro franchise for $5.8 million
  • Ubisoft bought the South Park franchise for $3.2 million

However, not all of THQ's properties found new homes and there are enough that there is going to be a second auction to try and find buyers for them. Among the various properties is past Game of the Year winner Homeworld; and even though it was originally a Relic property (which sold to Sega) it remained unsold after the auction. Now if you aren't familiar with the game you can get a full breakdown here, suffice to say the game still has a strong following.

It is this following that independent game developer pixelSense is hoping will help it come up with the money it might need to buy Homeworld at the second THQ auction. To achieve this pixelSense has gone to indieGogo to try and raise $50,000, which is what they are hoping will be enough to pick up the Homeworld franchise at the auction. If outbid, however, pixelSense will use the money to try and reach a deal to buy the franchise from the winning bidder.

The team has promised that if they don't manage to get the franchise they will refund all monies raised.

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