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Place a bet on who will become the next Microsoft CEO

A British bookmaker has opened a betting pool for Microsoft’s next CEO, with Stephen Elop and Kevin Turner posting the best odds.


Odds are, Stephen Elop will be the next CEO of Microsoft.

This isn’t some juicy leak from VR-Zone contributor @evleaks, it’s the collective belief of betters according to bookmaker Ladbrokes’ leaderboard.

According to Ladbrokes Nokia CEO Stephen Elop as a 5-to-1 chance of taking the top job at Microsoft, followed by Microsoft’s Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner at a 6-to-1 spread. Pushed-out Windows Chief Steven Sinofsky and Windows boss Julie-Larsen Green follow at 8 to 1.

Other interesting names on the extensive list are Twitter creator and Square CEO Jack Dorsey, Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings.

Despite constant rumors that Bill Gates will be making a monomythlike return to Microsoft, the bookmaker doesn’t offer high chances of that happening. Gates has the second lowest odds at 50-to-1.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has the highest spread, with the bookmaker placing his odds of becoming Microsoft’s CEO at 100 to-1.

Source: Ladbrokes

Via: AllThingsD

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