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Planetside 2 announced for PS4, will have Vita support


The popular PS3 and PC shooter will be coming to the PlayStation 4 featuring Vita remote play.

Planetside 2 has been an incredible phenomenon for FPS and MMO players alike. The game’s seemless blend of intergalactic battles and close combat firefights is invigorating and enjoyable down to the last laser fire. The madness will continue as Planetside’s Executive Producer, Clint Worley has announced the game will be on the PS4 and will have Vita support by the end of the year. The PS4 version will have a visual upgrade from the current PC and PS3 version and it has already been touted as looking incredible.


While the game will be upgraded, ultimately it will be about the console experience. Senior art director Tramell Isaac stated, “At the end of the day, Planetside 2 on the PlayStation 4 needs to feel like a console game.” The upcoming title will also be segregated from the PC servers and be focused on bringing the best console experience imaginable. “It shouldn’t be this PC game that we kind of made it into a PlayStation 4 game. It’s going to feel like a PlayStation 4 game — native. And from the get-go console players are going to be able to hop in, play the game and feel at home.”

Both Issac and Wortley says that PS3 and PlayStation 4 players should expect new content to roll out with the PC release, every two to four weeks. The PS4 version will also feature Vita remote play for those who want to play in another room or simply want to take the game mobile when the rest of the world needs you. This is a big step for MMOFPS as the continued support from Sony Online and their fanbase has shown the market for these type of games. Hopefully, Planetside 2 will be a secure enough model in the next generation to warrant more and inventive MMOFPS titles.

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