1. Installation of the hardware components was simply straightforward.
  2. Open 4 screws on the outer enclosure
  3. Attach hard drive to enclosure
  4. Secure casing
  5. Connect Power Supply to Power Outlet
  6. Connect Ethernet Cables and Power Cables to NAS-01G

Setting up the NAS-01G was a little tougher than that. You
have to install the PNMD software suite, in order to detect the NAS.

A simple wizard will guide you through the installation process
If your network is on fixed IPs. You may need to configure with the IP/DHCP

The packaging states that it supports FAT 16 / FAT 32, but the manual states
that the hard drive has to be formatted in EXT3 format, before it will even
be recognized. As my hard drive was in NTFS format, it had to be formatted first.
Formatting takes a zippy 3 minutes 45 seconds to complete.

A Web GUI is available for more intricate adjustments.