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Planex Networking Antennas

The most important difference between a normal antenna and a high gain antenna is the extra coverage provided by High Gain antennas. So with higher gain antennas, you can expect a wider coverage for your wireless network.

So what can we expect from Planex 5dbi and 8dbi antennas? Well, Planex antennas are passive antennas, meaning we do not need external power source for the antennas. Also with the appropiate use of the antennas, you will be able to get more coverage from your wireless network. So if you are having Wireless Signal coverage issues, you can consider getting high gain antennas so that your wireless coverage can be improved. Afterall, the price difference isn’t big at all.

I did some testing on the Planex Antennas and could see a very significant improvement in the Wireless coverage. However I do have to mention that with higher gain antennas, there are some potential problems that users may face.

Firstly, as high gain antennas give more focused , the wireless coverage is tighter with reference to the vertical axis. This means that if users place their client equipment above or below the wireless coverage, they will get weaker signal strength even though they may be relatively close to the Wireless AP. So do watch out on how you place your equipments when setting up a wireless network using high gain antennas. Other than that, you enjoy good network coverage with Planex’s high gain antennas.

Lastly, if you do need any advice with regards to wireless networking, drop by our networking forum to post your queries! The Retail price of the 5dbi Planex antenna is USD$ 15 (SGD$ 25), and USD$ 24 (SGD$ 39) respectively.

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