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PlanOn introduces world’s first credit card-sized receipt scanner


PlanOn System Solutions, who is known for scanning and printing solutions for the mobile professionals, has announced the world's first credit card-sized receipt scanner that offers high-resolution color scanning wherever you go. It is extremely portable and you will never lose another receipt again.

The PlanOn SlimScan claims to be the world’s first credit card-sized portable full color scanner that lets you scan and organize receipts and business cards wherever you are. Measuring 1.96 x 3.06 x 0.08mm, SlimScan is a full-featured, high resolution color scanner that can easily fit in your wallet or credit card holder. If you are one of those who frequently misplace things including receipts, business cards or handwritten notes, then you probably would want the SlimScan that can capture full-color digital images of the items. Made of durable stainless steel, SlimScan features a convenient preview screen that lets you instantly view, zoom-in and pan scanned images on the fly. It connects directly to Windows PCs through USB and lets you upload and edit scanned items conveniently.

The SlimScan scanner with special software bundle (SS100-RMS) is available immediately from PlanOn and leading retailers, priced at US$139.99 MSRP.

SlimScan Features:

– Receipts: Organizes receipts and business expenses.  Creates digital copies of receipts for returns, which you can re-print whenever you need them.

– Business Cards: Captures important contact information from business cards, even handwritten notes.

– Imports: Imports data to Outlook, Word, Excel and compatible databases.

– RMS Software:  Includes Receipt Management System (RMS) Software that easily scans, edits, organizes, and imports.

– Warrantee & Insurance Information:  Keeps warrantee and insurance info safe. 

– Track Expenditures:  Tracks expenditures however you want: by purchase type, expense category, month, or year.

– Bargain Hunting While Shopping:  Scans the labels of items at the store so you can bargain hunt at other stores or online for the best deal — or remember favorite products or gifts that you want to buy.

– Promotional Gifts:  SlimScan can be given out as promotional gifts imprinted with a company logo.

– Dimensions: 1.96 x 3.06 x 0.08mm

– Resolution:  300 dpi, 24 bit color.

– Memory:  Stores 600 images.

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