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Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time launches on iOS

The sequel to Plants vs. Zombies is launching on iOS across the world today. The game has been available in Australia for over a month as EA was testing out the game back-end systems to ensure that features like player accounts and cross-device saves were stable and could handle simultaneous load.


The game has been redesigned and features a lot of new elements, like new plant food and power-ups, levels and zombies. The game now saves in the cloud, and users will be access their saved game data across platforms and devices through their in-game accounts. EA was soft-testing these features over the last month in Australia and New Zealand.


The game follows a freemium structure, which means that although it is free to download and play, there are certain elements that users have to pay for. Senior Producer Allen Murray said in an IGN interview that, “In Plants vs Zombies 2, multiple accounts can progress through the game independently on a single device. Premium-purchased Plants and other items are shared between accounts. We take advantage of cross-device cloud saves and a shared wallet system.”

Murray mentioned that the game works just as well in offline mode. He said, “You can still play whenever you want, even if your phone or tablet isn’t connected.”

The game is now available on iOS now, and should be coming out on Windows, Mac and other platforms soon. Click here for the iTunes link.


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