At IFA 2011 trade fair in Berlin, LG unveiled their proprietary 3D Game Converter that allows smartphone users to transform OpenGL-based 2D games into 3D and vice versa. Well, the company has announced that the 3D Game Converter feature is now available for download.

LG Korea has announced that its exclusive 3D Game Converter is now available for download for LG Optimus 3D smartphones. Included in the first Maintenance Release (MR), the software will be available in Europe beginning this month and rolled-out to other regions over the next several weeks. The 3D Game Converter is the first software engine that allows smartphone users to transform OpenGL-based 2D games into 3D and vice versa anytime.

After installation, users simply need to activate the 3D Game Converter application. The only requirement is that the 2D game is based on OpenGL and runs in landscape mode. Users can also manually adjust 3D depth and vision settings for the optimum experience. Changing between 3D and 2D is as simple as flicking the 3D Hot Key switch at any time.
LG plans to offer another software upgrade to enhance the Optimus 3D with new features including, but not limited to:
– 3D Video Editor for creating and editing 3D movies right on the device;
– 2D viewing of 3D videos in a single-screen mode;
– Dolby Mobile for best-in-class sound quality;
– Automatic 2D video stabilization

The 3D Game Converter can be automatically installed via Wi-Fi by checking for software updates directly on the phone’s settings menu. The update is also available by connecting the device to a PC and running the LG Mobile Support Tool Software. Users are advised to check their carriers’ websites for dates of availability.

Source: Korea Newswire