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Playing video games makes old people happy, says study

A new medical study has discovered that among a group of older people, those who played video games were generally happier than those who didn't.

First reported by Medical Xpress, a study conducted by the North Carolina State University has been observe a group of 140 men and women aged 63 and up, and have found that those who played video games, were generally happier and more socially and emotionally well adjusted than the ones who did not. Even those who only played occasionally displayed these traits, while the non-gamers had a greater tendency for negative emotion and depression



"The research published here suggests that there a link between gaming and better well-being and emotional functioning," says Jason Alleire, lead author of the research paper on the study. At this point, though there seems to be a correlation, one cannot be certain if there is a causation. Further research is planned to determine whether video games actually induce well-being among older people.


Of course, most gamers could have told you this without needing to do a study. What might surprise gamers to hear though, is that a sizable 61% of the study group played games at least occasionally, with 35% stating that they played at least once a week.

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