The PlayStation 3 finally overcomes the Xbox 360 in terms of sales, with a total unit sale count of 77 million around the world, according to a report that was publicly released by the International Data Corporation.

Market research firm International Data Corporation (IDC) had just publicly revealed in their latest report and press release that the PlayStation 3 gaming console had actually already gotten past the Xbox 360 in terms of sales. As of December 2012, the PlayStation 3 had been officially sold by a total number of 77 million units worldwide. This is in contrast to the 76 million Xbox 360 units that were sold at the same time. This makes the PlayStation 3 higher in sale rank by about 1 million units. It is comparatively not much considering the large scales involved, but it is still well considered an achievement in itself.

Probably what made this milestone a bit more remarkable, was the fact that the Xbox 360 had a head start of almost a year, since the PlayStation 3 was released at a significantly later date (JP: November 11, 2006, NA: November 17, 2006). This meant that Sony's flagship home gaming console needed a lot more to pump the higher sales numbers needed to catch up and take over the Xbox 360.

The PlayStation 3 even experienced one of the largest sales rates as of November 23, 2012 (Black Friday), with at least 525,000 units sold on just that one day. This most likely had a significant effect to the sales results that they had that eventually led to the achievement.

Within the same report, the IDC also anticipates the future activity of the Wii U console in the gaming and tech market in the coming years. They also expect that package/hard copy/game disc sales for new games would get lower, as DLC becomes more and more common. With the predicted trend, they expect digital channels to be the primary form of obtaining new games and media for the consoles at around the year 2016.

Source: 4Gamer (JP)