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Playstation 3 ‘Jailbreak’ Now Workable With Tethered Smartphones

Remember the special USB dongle one was required to purchase in order to successfully circumvent the Playstation 3’s security features? Apparently, one can dispense with the dongle now: it seems that the software has already been adapted for use on smartphones. And the best part? It reportedly works just as well.

Do you remember how big headlines were made when the announcement of a specialized software allowed one to overwrite the security features of the Playstation 3? Needless to say, Sony wasted no time in taking action, and has successfully managed to block sales of the dongle while awaiting the court’s judgment.

But it seems that Sony’s action might be a little too late to protect the console. According to Engadget, hackers have reportedly been able to port the required software over to smartphones. Simply put: a smartphone tethered to the console apparently works just as well as with the dongle, and is supposedly compatible with all console versions.

Currently, the two smartphones which claim to be capable of executing the ‘jailbreak’ on the console are the Palm Pre and the Nokia N900. However, this number is expected to increase significantly once more members of the hacking community hear of such developments.

Of course, the legally dubious nature of such a modification is still an issue for debate, but as far as Sony is concerned, it is definitely illegal. So if you happen to own a PS3 and want to try your hand out at this modification, do so at your own risk.

Source: Engadget

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