Still wondering how the PlayStation 4 looks like? Well, keep wondering.  While you await the official unveiling, though, take a gander at his spiffy concept of the PS4 based on the recent PS4 teaser video.

Microsoft has already pulled its trigger by showing off the new Xbox design, but Sony is a bit more reserved and has only teased us with some blurry snapshots.  What else can a fan do beside wait for the actual unveiling?  Or, they can bask in the wonders of fandom by looking up concept arts thrown together by people who just can’t wait to see the official PS4 design.

T3 recently threw together their rendition of what the next PlayStation will look like, based off of what Sony threw at us with the eye-torturing teaser video.  In the Sony teaser video, the PS4 (from the angles and shots given to us) features an angular design, but that doesn’t speak much for the console’s actual appearance. 

While the Xbox One looks like an old school VCR, the T3 concept has the PS4 looking like a modern day waffle iron.  E3 is just around the corner, and both Sony and Microsoft are expected to shell out more interesting tidbits about their next-gen console.  Stay tuned!