While folks were waiting around to get their PlayStation 4 delivered to their doorsteps, someone with an early unit was busy shooting it, literally, with a sniper rifle. 


The folks over at RatedRR, who have a penchant for ripping apart new tech with one of the many weapons in their arsenal, managed to grab a PS4 two days earlier than launch. While many PS4 units have had the bad luck of not working out of the box, this particular unit had the misfortune of having to face off against a 50 caliber sniper rifle.

As expected, the console didn’t survive the inhuman treatment – it did manage to hold everything together on the first shot, but the second shot was, well, as destructive as things can possibly get. What makes it better – or painful, depending on your point of view – is that the video was shot in super slow motion, to let viewers absorb the action in excruciating detail.

Quite an interesting way to play with a brand new next-gen console, but hey, at least the controller survived and can now be put to use as a secondary controller.

[youtube id=”5dvWGY2bAd0″ width=”620″ height=”360″]