Bungie has shown off never before seen footage of their open-world shooter Destiny, and has revealed that PlayStation gamers will be given first access to the game’s beta.

Destiny2 PlayStation gamers getting first access to Bungies Destiny

The PS4’s launch event in New York has seen a few reveals and interesting tidbits, and to continue the trend Bungie took center stage to showcase a new short-but-sweet trailer for their MMO shooter Destiny.

After the reel filled our screens with a flurry of action that highlights the unique sci-fi elements that Bungie’s newest creation has to offer, a dev straight from the studio joined Spike to reveal something special: Bungie has teamed up with Sony to give PlayStation gamers exclusive access to the game’s beta.

We’re not sure just how much of a lead that PS4/PS3 gamers will have over Xbox One/Xbox 360 owners, but the studio reminded the community that you’ll need to pre-order Destiny to get access to the beta in Spring 2014.

Destiny itself will debut onto current-gen and next-gen in 2014. For more info be sure to check out the game’s official website.